Noemi Fattel Roman

Noemi was born in Mexico City. She is the fourth child of Pablo and Gloria. After succeeding to enroll in one of the best public schools in Mexico, she majored in Information Technology. Her career started at HP with an internship, followed by Systems Engineer and finished as a Marketing Manager. For Noemi, life is the accumulation of challenges and experiences, so she did not only pursue to work in several transnational companies like EMC and SUN but migrated to Australia with her family.

In High School, she was one of the three girls studying in a school specialized in careers for “boys” such as electricity and electronic engineering. At HP as Marketing Manager, Noemi was one of the very few women at the mid-level management. With that background, she advocates for more girls participating on STEM careers.

Jenine’s work moved her so deeply that Noemi wanted to share it with Spanish-speaking girls, mainly with those who do not have the possibilities to learn English and thus, volunteered to transcribe 'Tech Girls are Superheroes' book into Spanish.

Noemi has always been intrigued in discovering the inner workings of life and existence itself. Not only does she treasure those moments of discussion about a movie or a book’s morals with her husband and children, but she seeks a perspective of life from different angles. She clearly found a new angle to inspire girls to become Tech Girls; reading every story vividly, dreaming of every one of the Superheroes’ gifts.